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World's 1st standardized drone delivery box 

Standard reusable containers have contributed to the growth of the global shipping industry. DroneBox™ is the industry-standard container for drone-based logistics. 

Drone Logistics

Designed in Singapore

Made in Demark


*All variants have an external volume and size of 9L and 305x153x193 mm, respectively. 
** Maintains 3 to 8  °C for up to 3 hours


  • Max payload of 20 kg

  • High impact resistance from -40 to +60 °C

  • Water-proof up to 2 m

  • Floats on water (up to 50% of max payload)

  • Proprietary multi-layer insulation with thermal separation up to 25 °C

  • Adapted to Transport of Dangerous Goods UN-6C "ARD2017"

  • Adapted to cold chain transport

  • 2X heavy-duty nylon straps


  • Operations software

  • Tamper-evident security seal

  • QR-code locking mechanism 

  • Active thermoelectric cooling system

  • Passive proximity sensor

  • Active tracking (GPS 2G-4G)

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