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Design Licensing

Human-centric design is part of AirGo’s DNA. As our company name (AirGo Design) suggests, we started as a design house and we still believe that if done correctly, engineering is the most elegant form of art.


The following design solutions are available for licensing.

Couple sleeping.jpg


Business Class Seating

Space-efficient seating arrangement that replaces typical recliners with flatbed at 1:1 ratio and unlocks the full potential of long-range single-aisle aircrafts like A321.

Supernova G280 aisle view.jpg


Private Jet Seating

Post-COVID flatbed seating for business jets that makes private flights as accessible and as affordable as business or first class flights.



Accessible Aircraft Lavatory

A wheelchair-friendly lavatory for single-aisle aircraft that benefits both the passengers and the operators. By offering two more seats and 43% more floor space. 



Premium Economy Seating

A flexible seating arrangement for premium economy class that offers more comfort while enabling extra revenue stream from empty seats.

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